Betty Corrado - CCMC, ACRW, CJSS


Betty Corrado’s professional background spans more than 2 decades in Marketing, HR, and talent management roles. She has a demonstrated track record in advising and coaching Presidents/Partners to entry level staff, providing career guidance to hundreds, and conducting job interviews with more than 2,500 candidates.


Betty’s talents are considered by many to be unique. She intuitively taps into the natural strengths, authenticity, and marketability of individuals—translating these into value for employers. She is keenly attuned to helping those searching for meaningful work or who are “stuck” in their careers. Her clients emerge with a career plan, increased confidence, and new transition “lens” with targeted career materials she closely architects.

Photo by Annie Watson

Ms. Corrado is a co-creator of the distinguished "#1 Chief Sales Executive Forum" series of events - now entering its 16th year. She has served as an Executive Director for a boutique management consulting firm for more than a decade.  Prior to this, Betty was an Assistant Vice President for an IT consulting firm with 13 offices and 800 consultants. She was a trusted advisor to the President and region management on business continuity, operations, and talent management. She led 12 programs that enhanced this firm’s offerings and attraction of quality clients and candidates. Earlier roles included:


  • Director of HR & Administration for UWS, an aggressive acquisitions firm that grew to 100+ companies, went public, and was named one of the fastest growing firms in the U.S. by “Inc. Magazine”;
  • Marketing Director for a renowned global construction management firm where she achieved a 75% win ratio crafting proposals and presentations valued up to $600 Million dollars for historic landmark projects;
  • Regional Marketing Manager a large nationwide design/build organization where she earned the annual “National Quality Service Award” twice for her impactful contributions;
  • Business Development & Account Coordinator for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, where Betty began her career.

Betty is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Resume Writer (ACRW), Job Search Strategist (CJSS), and I See Your Dream Job Professional Coach. She has contributed career articles to entities including Monster and Carolyn & Co. (headed by Carolyn Kepcher.)  Betty was also credited for launching the first community Job Club for the unemployed and underemployed in Fairfield County, CT:  Empowered Career Transitions. This Club was part of a nationwide return-to-work initiative during the economic downturn. Ms. Corrado conducted numerous workshops for the unemployed and partially employed.

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