Coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries during the past 2 decades. Whether life, executive, retirement, or business coaching, professionals guide clients through processes involving: self/business assessments, life issues, obstacle removal, goal establishment, and action plans.


Career Coaching however turns these general areas into specific ones, focusing on those directly impacting a transition and job search including:


  • Self Assessment: Authentic Values, Core Motivators & Passions
  • Skills & Natural Talents
  • Career Interests & Objectives
  • Experience/Background Exploration
  • Marketability Evaluation
  • Professional Branding
  • Job Search Plan & Strategy
  • Networking Optimization
  • Interview Preparation


Designing and securing a career that is meaningful and energizes you has far reaching effects and will subsequently impact your life (and others) in a positive way.

Who Do We Work With?

Our specialization is working with individuals who are at a crossroads... ready to take the next step with full dedication. Whether you know what that next step is or not—coaching can help you gain increased clarity and illuminate aligned possibilities and career options. You then move forward with strategic intention and focus.


Check out our 3-phase Career Coaching Model under the "Process" Section of this website.

Why Hire Us?


One of the byproducts of rapid industry growth is that you’ll likely find certified and uncertified coaching professionals offering services labeled as “career coaching." This label does not of course automatically qualify them to expertly guide career transitioners. When considering a coach—review their professional background to ensure they have relevant experience and depth. Then test for “mutual fit” by requesting an introductory call.


At Career Authenticity, we partner with our clients through a collaborative process. You’ll work with a coaching professional
that offers depth and a unique perspective gained from over 25 years of experience in career management, marketing, and transition areas including:

  • External and Internal
    Coaching—provided to career transitioners and employees up to C-level management.
  • Career Coaching—certified by the “Career Coach Academy” and also trained at the “Career Coach Institute.”
  • Recruiting Expertise—staffed candidates across disciplines, levels and industries.
  • Direct Interviewing—conducted close to 2,500 in-person and over-the-phone candidate interviews.
  • Resume Writing—certified from the “Resume Writing Academy” offering the most stringent curriculum in the industry today.
  • Job Search Strategist—certified at the “Job Search Academy” (national program.)
  • Marketing/Branding
    —seasoned "hands-on" experience managing marketing and communications initiatives for 3 corporations in addition to completing “Reach™ Branding Club’s” Accelerated Job Find Program.

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