The New Search Landscape:


It was a rough road for everyone during the economic downturn. Executives contended with quarter-after-quarter demands requiring out-of-the-box strategies to maintain margins and even increase revenue percentages. All amid a decrease in workforce numbers, company initiatives, and crucial investment dollars. Following are quotes from executive clients during this period.


“I haven’t had to use a resume or network for a job in 15 years.”

“I keep hearing that I need a LinkedIn profile.”

“I want to secure more speaking engagements... should I use my corporate bio?”

“I want to start consulting part-time during my retirement. What materials do I need?"


Today, executives are now actively reinventing themselves and making career / life-style changes: switching industries and core oversight areas, leaving full-time employment for consulting, and even retiring earlier. Simultaneously, search tactics and strategies have dramatically changed. Gone are the days of quickly transitioning to your next role through referrals or having an abundance of options to choose from. Enter the frustrated leader. . . now finding it difficult to gain traction in his/her search.


It's clear. . . a new mantra has emerged for executive and management transitions: New Rules and Bold Change.


The Leadership Correlation

Executives and entrepreneurs have always well understood the inherent value derived from:


  • market differentiation
  • competitive edge
  • clearly defined value propositions
  • brand distinction
  • repackaging as a key attractor for targeted customer segments
  • ROI attainment


They’re prepared to invest both time and money to achieve this collective value for their companies—and serve as the driving force to make it happen.


Why then do many miss the correlation between this company values scenario and their own career search values? They're now the product that has to be marketed and well packaged.

Enter Career Authenticity

Collaborate with us to develop the right career portfolio (resume, bio, LinkedIn profile) aligned with your goals and management style.


You’ll work with a seasoned, certified professional leveraging 25+ years in marketing and senior HR roles. A co-creator of the distinguished “Chief Sales Executive Forum” series of Fortune 1000 leadership events (#1 globally)—with a healthy senior network.


If you’re finding it hard to gain traction with your executive search, or would like to showcase your brand and value across compelling career marketing materials, connect with us today.

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