Welcome to the New Millennium Where
"Intelligent” Web 3.0 Meets “Intelligent” Job Search 3.0!


If you’re in career transition, you’ve quickly realized that this search is significantly different than previous ones – perhaps due to a combination of factors:

  • Economic recovery with rising employment opportunities and qualified candidates.
  • Strategies and technologies requiring a dual track of conventional and contemporary search tactics.
  • Evolution of networking and branding as” key” differentiators in landing the right job faster.
  • Emergence of digital sourcing and screening as a primary step in the search process.


Perhaps you haven't had to interview in more than a decade due to previous referrals that accelerated your candidacy. Yes, the search marketplace has dramatically changed. Career experts all say “treat your search like a full-time job.” Spending 6–10 hours each day however does not automatically drive success. "How" you spend this time is the key to success.

Tips to Gain a Competitive Edge

Strong Digital Footprint


  • 85%+ of recruiters and hiring managers google candidates as a first step. 75% reject candidates based on their findings.
  • 9 out 10 recruiters check LinkedIn first for candidate info.
  • 50%+ of companies use social networking sites to research candidates.
  • Passive candidate online searches have emerged as a viable recruiting source.
  • TIP: Harness social media to create a distinct professional advantage and build your network. Ensure brand unity across these vehicles and remember to use specific "key words" in your profile and resume so they'll find you.

Clear Target Role(s) and "Good Fit" Companies and Industries.

  • Focused career transitions require research in order to determine your relevancy and how you can add immediate value.
  • TIP:  Create a target list of companies, industries, hiring managers, and specialized recruiters. Strategize how to best reach them.
  • TIP: Pinpoint resources to tap into the hidden job market for "gem-like" opportunities.

Job Search Through an Integrated Mix of Contemporary & Customary Search Tactics.

  • Solely posting to job boards, company websites, and setting up site e-alerts is the least effective way of job search.  Less than a quarter of all positions are posted.
  • TIP: Identify “intelligent 3.0” strategies and tactics you can deploy to expand your reach, marketability and interview potential.
  • TIP: Networking is still the most effective and quickest way to land a position.  80%+ of hires are sourced this way.  Locate and connect with the “right” people and networking groups while re-engaging your neglected network.

Marketing Collateral that Conveys Your Brand and Authenticity.


  • Static resumes are no longer the only means of “first impressions” anymore (although still a necessity.) Learn what other marketing elements can help you compete.
  • TIP: Develop a personal brand and use it to “consistently” stand out from the crowd.
  • TIP: Ensure your resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, 3-point marketing message, and elevator speech are ready!
  • TIP: Social Media: Remember cleaning out your digital closet is extremely difficult. Be careful what you say and share online.


At Career Authenticity, you’ll work with a certified "Job Search Strategist" to develop a customized Job Search Plan & Strategy integrating contemporary and customary tactics while unifying your brand messaging.


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  • Enhance your marketability and brand.
  • Enable recruiters to more easily find you.
  • Establish yourself as a knowledgeable person or expert in your field.


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