No matter how you may define it—there’s no denying the increasing number of people asking “what am I meant to do with my life?” and “is there more to my career than this?” These questions are deeply rooted in a return to our authentic selves and a strong desire for more meaningful work. They have become the call to action for many who are now rethinking their lives, reinventing their careers, and returning to their core values and passions.



The Authentic Path


If this sounds familiar, don’t waste another day spinning your wheels on what to do next. Try the authentic path instead. We’ll work with you to closely architect a plan that reveals and integrates your personal brand into your resume and career portfolio in a compelling way.


Align yourself with possibilities for more meaningful work. Differentiate yourself from other candidates. Elevate your confidence in interviews...walk your path.

  • Genuineness
  • Undisputed Credibility
  • Faithfulness to Internal vs. External Ideas
Our Coaching Process

Our approach is a collaborative 3-phase coaching process working closely with clients to identify and “map out” career possibilities that go beyond limited and linear thinking. This process helps to generate new ideas and increased clarity. It integrates an intuitive career coaching model that helps to surface a client’s gifts. In-depth assessments of career interests and personality temperament are also included.

Phase I: Discovery (Coaching)


If something is stirring inside you or screaming out for a career change, you may feel somewhat like a deer in headlights.  Unsure of which way to turn next.  Stop thinking, get present ... and decide to take a first step.  Get back in tune with the "you" that was once excited about career possibilities and purpose-driven work.


Imagine leveraging this kind of "lens" to surface meaningful career options that align with your "authentic" values, passions and motivators. This is what the "Discovery Phase" is about.  The insights and clues that  emerge will be the building blocks for Phases II and III.

Phase II: Desire (Coaching
& Indepth Interview)


Identify your “core” strengths, talents, and deeply explore your experience/ accomplishments. During this phase, we'll map out possibilities for work that fits you authentically — not just conventional job options that fit the opinions of others. This phase will also elevate your confidence when talking to recruiters / hiring managers or when networking.



Phase III-A: Delivery (Crafting)


By leveraging our work from previous phases, information is synthesized and a dynamic resume crafted that conveys your immediate value and brand to potential employers while enhancing your marketability.

Phase III-B: Delivery (Career Portfolio Materials)


If you only need portfolio elements - resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter or bio - this phase would be your starting point. There are significant benefits for clients that work with us:


  • We don’t send you a form to complete. . .we get to know you via a phone interview. This approach makes defining your measurable accomplishments (critical for your resume) easier and enables us to tap into what makes you "authentic."

  • Not all Resume Writers are also certified Career Coaches, Job Search Strategists and Marketing Professionals. We incorporate this blended expertise into our process.


The end result is effective career marketing tools that are reflective of your “authentic self” and align with your relevant performance stories.  This also increases the probability of your resume being read while boosting your confidence.

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