With Career Opportunities & Qualified Candidates Increasing,

It’s Critical to Differentiate Yourself!


Your resume and cover letter...“front line” tools for your career transition and job search arsenal. You get one chance, reportedly only 10 to 60 seconds, to make a good impression on the reader, to get past the screening software—to differentiate yourself from scores / hundreds of other resumes received. Think about:


  •  What level of success are you having with your current resume?
  •  What is it costing you in lost career opportunities, employer interest, and valuable time?


If your resume is just a history of your work life in chronological order, chock full of responsibilities, the likelihood that it will be read diminishes greatly. Employers are not interested in an outline of your work history. They expect specific, measurable examples of your accomplishments - with stories to back these up in an interview. These must be relevant to the job opening with an emphasis on performance that made a difference.

What Does Your Resume Convey?

Does Your Resume Stack Up?


If not, it’s an obstacle to your success and most likely to a better career/role.  Consider the following:


Are you getting responses?

Are you showcasing your accomplishments with performance metrics?

  • Example:  Drove 40% revenueincrease   over accelerated7-monthdperiod..

Have a Professional Branding Statement on Page 1?


  • Example:  #1 Producer Driving Sales Growth & Client Retention to New Heights


Is Your Resume Visually Engaging with a Professional Look?

Leverage elements such as call-out boxes, graphs or breakaway text  that stand out and capture the reader's eye.




Have an Introductory Section (Not an Objective Statement) Sharing Who You Are & Your Value to an Employer?


  • Example: Seasoned manager with 15-year record of historic B2B enterprise account profitability.

Have a Cover Letter Conveying the Relevant Selling Points of Your Candidacy with Persuasive Content (Not Repeating Your Resume)?


Example:  Recognized as “Top 10 U.S. Performer” outperforming
500+ peers in year one.

If you’ve answered “no” to more than one question above, click below.

Remember...the purpose of a resume and cover letter are NOT to get you the job—it’s to help you get the interview.

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