“Invest your time and money in Betty . . . you'll be glad you did."


J.F. – SVP, Fortune 500 Software Technology Corporation



“This is an outstanding resume and LinkedIn profile. The folks I've shown it to have ALL been highly impressed. My work with you has motivated me to progress more diligently in my search with full focus.  Thank you!"


M.T. – International Business Executive



“This resume is phenomenal! It's not just the document - your entire process has reminded me of the value I offer. I'm now excited to see what my future holds. Thank you!"


A.B. – Broadcast Industry Production Manager  (Top Network)




“As a gifted marketer, Betty’s approach as a career coach is to help you market your strengths and talents so that you can truly differentiate yourself and stand out from others in the marketplace. In this partnership, she begins to paint a picture of what gives you energy, leads you to fulfillment, and taps directly into your core values and passions.


This painting of “You” gives new clarity for what’s possible in your career! The icing on the cake is when she appears to effortlessly weave all of the information she’s gathered into a professional, compelling resume that is your new marketing tool. The new “You” can go confidently into the marketplace with tailored job search strategies that bring about opportunities seemingly made just for you!”


T.S. – HR Executive (Fortune 100 Companies)




“I wrote my own resume with the belief that it would generate responses as it had in the past. The net result was no calls over a number of months! Once I posted your professionally written resume, the phone began to ring off the hook — literally. Thank you for helping to transfer me to paper in a way that is now magnetizing corporate and recruiter interest!"


M. S. - Financial Consultant & Controller




“Thank you, Betty! I'm confident my resume and revamped LinkedIn profile will get results. It's been a sincere pleasure also. . .  although your process did kick-start some major (unplanned) soul searching. I'll be back!"


J.O. – Product Technology  Leader (Global Bank)





“I continue to be so excited about your work on my new resume. I've received so many compliments and have an offer on the table!! Thanks again for your awesome support through this process!"


S.C. – Strategic Partnerships / Channel Leader



“Starting the new job tomorrow and looking forward to this new start!  Working with you felt like the universe and stars aligned perfectly.  I couldn’t have asked for a better interview thanks to your help.  I’ve just referred you to a former colleague."


N.C.M. – Regional Sales Executive

“I reached out to Betty when I was at “zero” in terms of a career direction. I was frustrated, lost, and exhausted from running in circles. In session 1, Betty helped me get back on track and moving forward. Her inside-out approach was extremely effective and proved to be quite insightful. Once focused, I decided on a career direction. She then crafted a spectacular new resume that captured all of my nuances and meaningful accomplishments. I have recommended Betty to countless colleagues and friends. She is amazing!"


E.K. – Career Change: Campaign Mgr. to Entrepreneur




“Wanted you to know my new (awesome) resume got me in the door .  . . and I landed a GREAT job with the most prestigious company in the state.  Better pay AND benefits!  Plus great growth potential.  Thank you!!"


D.C. – Wine Distribution & Sales



“The speed at which I found, interviewed, and received a job offer is a tribute to you! Your simple and concise method of assembling the elements of an effective resume helped to increase my chances for a successful outcome. Your insightful questions helped me to focus on my strengths and interests. The re-framing of my personal viewpoints into “value statements” for employers and overall job search guidance, helped diminish my intimidation. When you completed my resume — I knew clearly what I had to offer to companies. For the first time I had complete confidence that I had the right tools needed for a successful career transition. Thank you!"


G. K. – Sales & Branch Manager (Energy Industry)



“You have a phenomenal gift!  Thank you for making me shine!  I’ll keep you posted on search activities which have already begun to heat up thanks to your guidance!"


P.H. – University Administrator



“I think back to when I was disenchanted with my job.  You helped me to clarify a career path and best align with it.  I can’t wait to start my new career in a few weeks!"


M.I. – Career Changer: Finance to Professional Organizer




“Working with Betty has been an incredibly empowering experience for me. I was pursuing a career change impacted by a rather eclectic background. Betty was able to immediately identify a strong through-line in my experience. When we started working on my resume, I valued the collaborative process she offered. The end result is a marketing tool I feel accurately represents me and shows me at my best. Most telling, the response to it has been excellent!"


C.J. – Organizational Development & PM (Fortune 500 Firms)



“Your brilliance on both of my sons’ resumes is greatly appreciated!  One already has an interview and it’s only been a few weeks since working with you.  Thank you – you’re amazing!"


D.F. – Mom with 2 Recent Graduates

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